Minnesota Association of Vetrinary Technicians

Lyn Billings (Callander), CVT, ASVDT

Minneapolis Area Rep.

Lyn Callander

Currently I am the Minneapolis Area Representative for MAVT. I have been in a few different positions in our MAVT group over the past 10 years, some years more active than others. I think it is very important to get involved with your Vet Tech associations. I originally became involve with MAVT when I started coming to monthly meetings wanting to know more and help out.

As the Minneapolis area representative I answer several emails and calls each year about certification, re-certification, VT schools, CE credits and more. I plan a continuing education celebration for National Veterinary Technician week each year. I typically plan ours on the Sunday kick-off of the week, which is our Minnesota's Vet Tech day.

I am an instructor in one of the many Veterinary Technology programs in Minnesota. I have been teaching for about 9 years now and still do relief work at a few clinics. I have several aging and special needs pets (as do we all). My husband and 3 young kids keep me on my toes. When I have the time, I love to foster and socialize cats for my favorite rescues and help with wild rehabilitation.