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Practice Act FAQ

  • Nowhere – at this time the only personnel that are listed are veterinarians
  • MN is only one of about 14 states that do not define credentialed veterinary technicians in their Practice Act hennes senaste blogg.
  • Minnesota certifies a large number of vet techs(1862) compared to other states.  Ohio has 2000 Registered Veterinary Technicians(RVT) and had five disciplinary actions in the past biennium (3 drug related, 2 substandard practice.)  Oregon has 900 RVT’s and has had 10 disciplinary actions within the past year.  *Data collected 8/08-11/08
  • The main reason to include licensed veterinary technicians (LVT’s) in the Practice Act is for the safety of the public:  by having veterinary support staff defined in the Practice Act, including the level of supervision required to perform tasks, and being able to hold individuals accountable – will all contribute to improved safety for the people and animals of Minnesota.
  • This will ultimately benefit the practice of veterinary medicine in the areas of public health and safety, especially with issues such as zoonotic diseases, infectious diseases, biosecurity and terrorism, and food safety becoming concerns with the general public
  • Our state will have more standardized patient care and veterinary processes
  • Increased recognition/knowledge of LVT’s and the veterinary health care team
  • Improved retention of LVT’s in the profession
  • More tasks delegated to the LVT may help free up DVM’s time and ultimately help with the shortage of large animal veterinarians in rural areas.
  • Economic studies show that practices that utilize veterinary technicians andassistants to the full extent of their education consistently have more financial success than practices that do not utilize team members properly.
  • Those involved in Disaster preparedness will now be able to work in states that require licensure to work as a vet tech.
  • Technicians could potentially be fined or lose their credentials if found guilty of any wrongdoing
  • Higher dues to pay for increased fees of regulation
  • Possible business hardship to DVM’s who may have difficulty recruiting LVT’s

Every state has a law that determines how veterinary medicine will be practiced in that state

A grandfather clause will need to be determined; this is decided by the Legislators. We are supportive of a lenient grandfather clause.

Inform veterinary staff about our initiative to be included in the MN Practice Act, and gain their support. Educate the general public about the crucial roles that credentialed vet techs and vet assistants play in their pet’s welfare. If we are able to get support to amend the Practice Act, we will need you to contact your legislators in the future.

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