Vet Tech Week Events

2021 MAVT Vet Tech Week Events
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October 17 – 1 pm
Dr. Jennifer Granick DVM, Ph D, ACVIM (SAIM) 1 hour (MVMA Preapproved)
Approach to Diarrhea: When and Why to Consider Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Antibiotics.
Diarrhea is a common clinical problem in companion animals. New data about the gut microbiome and its myriad benefits to gastrointestinal and whole-body health has implications on our approach to diarrhea. Traditional therapies for diarrhea may successfully improve stool quality, but may not improve, or can even exacerbate, dysbiosis. This lecture utilizes recent evidence to propose a new standard of care for dysbiosis.

October 18 – 7 pm
Denise Rollings, CVT VTS Dentistry 1 hour (MVMA Preapproved)
Understanding Periodontal Disease – Periodontal disease is prevalent in our canine and feline patients. It is oftenoverlooked, missed, and underdiagnosed. Veterinary technicians can learn how to recognize the signs of periodontal disease and why it’s important to treat. Once one understands the importance of periodontal disease, it can be relayed to the pet parent in a way they can understand it, therefore providing higher quality care.

October 19 – 6:30pm
Dr Jamie Pribyl, DVM 1 hour (RACE approved)
Equine Asthma – This presentation will focus on the pathophysiology of equine asthma, diagnostics,treatment, and environmental management.

October 20 – 7 pm
Vicky Ograin; MBA, RVT, VTS Nutrition 1 hour (MVMA Preapproved)
Nutritional DCM – Cases of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) have increased in recent years.  These cases are atypical which has prompted the FDA to put out alerts to warm pet owners to be aware of certain types of ingredients and diets, that seemed to be overrepresented in these atypical cases. This has brought about the hypothesis that certain ingredients and diets may be causing the disease. To date nothing has been confirmed, so this paper will discuss the different hypotheses for what may be causing Nutritional Dilated Cardiomyopathy in dogs.

October 22 – 6 pm
Amy Gallagher; CVT, MEHS 3-hour (RACE approved)
Zoo Medicine – Three presentations will be covered over a three-hour time slot and will be performed sequentially. The following are descriptions of the presentations:
1.  Going Wild: Veterinary Technicians in Zoo Medicine. This presentation covers the role of veterinary technicians in zoo medicine. We will discuss the average qualifications of veterinary technicians currently working in zoo medicine and provide suggestions on career paths that may increase opportunities for employment in zoos. Also, we will discuss how veterinary technicians are utilized in zoo medicine and provide insight on what it is like to be a zoo veterinary technician.
2. Going Wild: Curious Cases in Zoo Medicine. This presentation covers case reports on varying medical conditions encountered in zoo animals. We will discuss the signalment, history, and medical records including, but not limited to exam findings, treatments, and diagnostic results for cases from animals at the Lake Superior Zoo. Also, species specific disease predilections will be highlighted along with the role of the veterinary technician in the discussed cases.
3. Going Wild: Exotic Cytology; This presentation covers unique and artistic cytology from various zoo/exotic animal species. We will view and discuss cytology images taken from impression smears of a variety of organs from the animals at the Lake Superior Zoo. Also, we will discuss the benefits of using digital photography for documenting cytological findings and easy methods/ways veterinary technicians can add this into their practice and be more involved in clinical pathology.

October 23 –  7 pm
Jessica Johnston, CVT VTS dentistry 1 hour (MVMA Preapproved)
Say AHHHH- All Things Dentistry –  Say AHHHH- The routine of a technician performing a dental prophylaxis and the importance of a healthy oral hygiene care. This lecture includes the benefits of an annual dental prophylaxis. The important role that a technician holds from start and finish of a dental prophylaxis. How technicians help make a difference one pet at a time and one tooth at a time.

October 24 – 1pm
Yvonne Brandenburg; RVT, VTS SAIM and Jordan Porter; LVT, RVT, VTS SAIM 1 hour (RACE approved)
Upping Your Tech Game: Being a Rock Star Tech – This webinar is to geared toward veterinary technicians to understand the options to become a go-to tech in a clinical setting. They will achieve this by advancing both technical and professional skills. It will encourage them to work on setting goals to reach full potential within their career. The webinar will also show options for obtaining useful skills that were not learned in school.


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