Membership FAQ

January 1st of each year. Our membership calendar year is from January 1st to December 31st of each year, even if you renew in June.

Currently, we do not send out membership cards. If you renew on the MAVT website, an electronic receipt will be sent to your e-mail. If you would like a receipt please contact the membership coordinator..

Once you have accessed the MAVT website, go to the upper right hand corner, and click on “log in.” Next, you will click on the words “create new account.” Then simply fill in the appropriate blanks on the web page. By creating an account on the website, you will…

  • have access to your individual account information as well as be able to update your individual contact information
  • be able to renew your membership electronically
  • be able to access the “members only” link on our website

You will need an active e-mail address, a password of your choice as well as a username of your choice. You will want to keep record of all of this login information for future logins.

The contact information for each area representative is located under the “about us” section, click on “Board and Representatives” section, and scroll about half way down the page to “area representatives.” The map of the state of Minnesota has been divided into six sections, called membership districts. Each district has an area representative that oversees the annual National Veterinary Technician Week meetings. You can access a copy of this map on the website…

You may contact the president of the organization or one of the committe chairs if you are interested in volunteering for a specific committee. The contact information for the current president and committee chairs are located under the “about us” section. Click on the “Board and Representatives” section then scroll down the page to find the corresponding names and contact information.

Currently, the membership coordinator handles all name changes, address changes or e-mail changes OR you can simply update your information yourself, via your account on the MAVT website. The contact information for the current membership coordinator is located under the “about us” section, click on “Board and Representatives” section, and scroll towards the bottom of the page to “membership.” Also remember to contact the MVMA.

No, only the MVMA can do this. Please refer to the information under the certification tab under the educational opportunities bubble on this website.

You have two options for renewal…paper renewal or on-line renewal. The fastest renewal method would be the on-line method. Also, be aware that all paper renewals will expected to pay an additional $20.

Your e-mail address!! All the information in our database is tied to your individual e-mail account. Your mailing address is the second most important piece of information. Mailing address is primarily used for convention information mailings. Our newsletter is now electronic and available on this website in addition to our monthly meeting notes. Look under the members only tab.

Your payment for membership and convention has to go through the membership chair then through the treasurer and then to the bank. This may take up to 2 months to be done. If your check has not cashed in 2 months please contact either the membership chair or treasurer.