Are there any other potential benefits?

  • This will ultimately benefit the practice of veterinary medicine in the areas of public health and safety, especially with issues such as zoonotic diseases, infectious diseases, biosecurity and terrorism, and food safety becoming concerns with the general public
  • Our state will have more standardized patient care and veterinary processes
  • Increased recognition/knowledge of LVT’s and the veterinary health care team
  • Improved retention of LVT’s in the profession
  • More tasks delegated to the LVT may help free up DVM’s time and ultimately help with the shortage of large animal veterinarians in rural areas.
  • Economic studies show that practices that utilize veterinary technicians andassistants to the full extent of their education consistently have more financial success than practices that do not utilize team members properly.
  • Those involved in Disaster preparedness will now be able to work in states that require licensure to work as a vet tech.

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